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Sr No. Brand Name Composition Category Pack Size Packing
Alpha Amlyase 18.75Mg, Fungal Diatase 37.5Gm, Pepsin 12.5Mg
200 ml, 100 ml
Cyproheptadine Hcl & Tricholine Citrate Syp
200 ml

What are Appetisers-enzymes?

Many patients experience occasional digestive discomfort, especially before a large meal; this can lead to a lack of appetite or even skipping meals altogether. Appetisers-enzymes are digestive enzyme supplements that address various digestive needs.

How it works:

Our specially formulated appetizer suggestions stimulate your digestive system mildly so as to facilitate the production of natural enzymes and stomach acid. This sets the stage for efficient breakdown of food later on.
Appetizers-Enzymes goes beyond appetizers. It includes a targeted enzyme blend that helps break down specific food components that might otherwise cause bloating or gas.


Promote healthy digestion naturally
• Reduce bloating and gas
• Help you enjoy meals without worry
• Alleviates loss of appetite

Appetisers-Enzymes, an excellent range of enzyme formulations, presents a lucrative franchise opportunity for enterprising individuals in India. Anyone can establish their own PCD business or pharma franchise for Appetisers-Enzymes range. Starting a Pharma Franchise with RSR Healthcare offers you maximum benefits as the company takes care of distribution and other operational tasks while you focus on sales and marketing.



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